I work at the crossroads of environmental and public health, climate change, and ecological justice, in solidarity with those working for indigenous sovereignty, for the health of women and children, and with those living on the frontlines of the struggle against industrial pollution and climate change. 

How do we create a culture that promotes inter- and intra-generational justice amongst the human community and between the human community and the natural world? 
How can we intervene in places of ill-health and injustice and create conditions for health and equity? 
These are some of the overarching questions that inspire my work. 


Kaitlin received her MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University (2011) and a BA in Sociology, Africana Studies correlate, from Vassar College (2007). Her research experience includes decision-making in the face of environmental risk with the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, and the social dimensions of climate risks in the urban Northeast for the Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast, a NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences Assessment (RISA) project. She has authored and co-authored writing for a range of platforms, including academic journals, climate assessments, and online magazine and blog forums, and has presented on climate adaptation and the social-ecological framework in climate change law and adaptation conferences. She serves as Program Director for the Science and Environmental Health Network (SEHN) and leads the climate change portfolio, which includes grassroots organizing, community engagement, law and policy, and public and environmental health. She has been involved with the Women’s Congress for Future Generations, a project of SEHN's, since 2012.  


”I tell you this

to break your heart,
by which I mean only
that it break open and never close again
to the rest of the world”

- Mary Oliver